Format of the event

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The annual Windlesham Boxing Day Pram Race is a fancy dress, charity event that sees runners complete a course (see The Route on the navigation menu on the left) through Windlesham village on Boxing Day


24/12/23 at midnight registration closes. No entries will be accepted after that date and there is no facility to register on the day of the race. If you are not registered do not turn up at the start.


The Course


The event starts at Higham’s Park (formerly Linde Group/BOC) on the Chertsey Road and finishes at The Field of Remembrance. Adult teams will complete a loop including Church Road and teams including under 18s will finish at the top of Updown Hill.




The event is open to anyone able to complete the course and not just to those living in Windlesham. Whilst there is no minimum age limit, the organisers feel that the event is unsuitable for children under 10 years old. Team sizes are limited to 20 and ‘prams’ should be based on a pram-sized chassis or similar pedestrian propelled vehicle - not a shopping trolley as the supermarkets are getting tired of losing them! Prams must be safe to race and capable of completing the course in one piece. Each team is required to have at least one runner over the age of 18.


18 + racers: early bird discount rate[now ended]  + ACTIVE Works fees.


After 1 December 2022 £20/pp + ACTIVE Works fees


Adult led Under 18 team (but over 10) - £5/pp + ACTIVE Works Fees




Please arrange to take your pram home after the event. Each Team leader will be required to make a £50 (plus ACTIVE Works fees) deposit when registering online. The deposit will be refundable if after the race there is no trace of their pram (or parts of the pram) in Windlesham.




Each entry will be judged by the Mayor at the Start and prizes will be awarded in four categories:


• Fastest – The John Sanderson trophy for the team that completes the course in the quickest time.




• Best Dressed - for the team considered to have the most imaginative, humorous, original and creatively designed prams. Particular credit will be given to those that are 'homemade'.


• Best Engineered – the Gordon Murray trophy for the pram considered to be of the most outstanding, innovative and imaginative construction.


• Best under 18 Team – the Frog Bikes prize for the team with runners predominantly under 18


Fastest Pram Race – Rules


Teams entering the Fastest Pram event race for the honour of winning the magnificent John Sanderson Trophy. They race under the following rules:


• Teams must enter by 19 December at the latest.


• This Fastest Pram event is a running race between teams, all team members and their pram that start must finish. At no stage in the race can the team receive any assistance from anyone outside the team.


• A pram is any pedestrian propelled vehicle deemed safe by the organisers - no motor or mechanically propelled vehicles will qualify eg. Bicycles etc.


• Each team will have at least two people – at least one runner must be over 18 years of age.


• A team will be deemed to have finished the event when all members of the team and their whole pram have arrived at the Field of Remembrance and registered with the Race Marshals.


• The Race Marshals will decide whether the teams have completed the event in accordance with the rules. Their decision is final.




The Start


•Team Captains will register their teams, collect a team number, collecting bucket and coloured wristband for each racer.


•Each team member over 18 will be required to show a valid photo ID.


•The team will then be directed towards the start line, passing en-route, the Mayor who will judge the entry, and the Scrutineers who will ensure that the ‘pram’ and racers are safe to race. The Pram Race is a family event, no prams or costumes should be offensive to families.


•Before starting the race, prams and racers will be inspected and any alcohol found will be confiscated and sent for waste collection.


•Teams entering the Fastest Pram event will start first with other teams starting in groups in order to stagger the flow of runners through the Village. A photographer will take team photos that will be available on-line after the event.


Along the Route


Teams are encouraged to collect as much money as they can in the buckets provided from spectators along the route. Apart from those chasing the prize for the Fastest Pram, this is not a timed race although teams should ensure that they progress quickly enough to reach the finish before most of the roads are reopened at 12:00.


The Finish:


The finish and prize giving will take place at The Field of Remembrance. The are NO facilities for pram disposal at the finish. ALL prams must be removed from the finish and the streets of Windlesham. Any prams found littering after the event will lose their £50 deposit.


Road Closure:


The course will be closed to traffic from 10:00 but will reopen behind the last placed team as it completes the route and at 14:00 at the latest. This means that racers leaving The Field of Remembrance at the finish to return to home or to the centre of the Village must be aware that the roads are open to traffic and that they walk in the road at their own risk.


Team Photographs


Several photographers will take pictures at the Start and Finish. These will be posted in the Gallery shortly after the event.