Changing the Windlesham Pram Race in response to safety concerns


The Windlesham Pram Race will not take place in 2021. Following discussions with Windlesham’s pubs and the latest Covid event guidance, it is with much regret that the Pram Race charity committee have reached the decision to cancel this year’s race. The charity committee do not believe that we can keep runners and spectators safe and remain compliant with the requirements of SHBC’s Safety Advisory Group, including Surrey Police.


The Pram Race, normally run on Boxing Day, has successfully evolved and improved during its more than 50 year history raising funds for small local charities and organisations. In 2022, the Windlesham Pram Race charity want to return the race to a safer, community-oriented event which is fun rather than a drinking race.


We want to encourage those responsible racers who have provided us with exceptional entertainment over many years, and who have helped us raise significant sums for the local community. We will be consulting with them, with Windlesham residents, our business supporters and sponsors before we approach SHBC’s Safety Advisory Group again with another risk assessment and event plan. We need a wide range of people to help plan next year’s race; if you think that you can help please contact


Since 2013, when Surrey Police withdrew, safety at the event has been the responsibility of members of the Windlesham Pram Race charity committee who have been involved with the race for many years. We have managed the risks by hiring security staff in increasing numbers alongside the pubs and club at the end of the race to deal with increasing anti-social behaviour. This is not sustainable, either for the charity or for some of the pubs.


Please do not turn up and try and race this year, it will not be safe. The roads will not be closed, there will be no facilities.