Windlesham Pram Race on Boxing Day, 26 December 2022

Early bird entries for adults entering the Windlesham Pram Race close on 30 November

Register online before 30 November and you only pay £12+fees/adult, a 20% discount to the normal rate of £15+fees that will apply from 1 December until online registration closes at midnight on 19 December. There will be no registration on the day of the race. Check out the new race format at then follow the link to the ACTIVE Works registration page.




The Windlesham Pram Race is run each year with the sole purpose of raising money for a wide variety of deserving causes in the local community. An updated version of the race will return on Boxing Day 2022 to address the behaviour issues experienced in the past. `


Registration is now open and will close at midnight on 19 December 2022.


Go to the Event page and read the new format of the race and a link to the registration page.


The updated version of the race will:


• Race along the original route from Higham’s Park (originally BOC) through the village, Pound Lane, Church Road and Kennel Lane and finish on the road outside the Field of Remembrance.


• Include a food park in the car park at the Field of Remembrance where a variety of hot refreshments will be available.


• Begin at 1015 and as there are no stops along the route be completed by 1200 when all roads will have re-opened other than Kennel Lane outside the Field of Remembrance which will re-open by 1400. The pubs and the club along the route will not be involved but are expected to be open after the race has concluded.


• Follow the Pram Race tradition and award prizes for the fastest and best dressed prams. A new trophy is being introduced for the best engineered and a new sponsor is contributing a prize for the under 18 group.


• Use a new mandatory online registration system that requires all 18 and over racers to provide full contact details and make full payment before the close of registration one week ahead of the race. No on the day entries will be allowed.


• Be a family event so NO alcohol can be carried in prams, either at the start or during the race.


To deliver the event safely we will need a number of marshals to work with our professional stewards. If you feel able to assist for a couple of hours on the day, or for any queries, please e-mail the Chief Marshall on


Although several roads in the centre of the village will be closed for a time on Boxing Day to allow racers and spectators to participate safely, this new format will significantly reduce the length of those closures and we will make every effort, if it is safe, to open the roads as early as possible after the race has passed.


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