It's the big Five O!

The exact details of the origins of the Pram Race may be lost in the mists of time and obscured in the memories of the Founders by the passing of the years and more than just a few Pram Race beers. However, the current Committee are pretty certain that 2017 is the big one - 50 years of the Pram Race in its current form!


So, as you plan your pram, gather your costume and rally your mates, think back to 1967 and the pioneers of Boxing Day fundraising merriment.

Pub Opening (and Closing!) Hours

This is a family event and not a drinking competition so NO alcohol can be carried in prams, either at the start or during the race. We urge ALL racers to enjoy running the race and drink responsibly so that everyone else can enjoy the day too.


The organisers, all the village pubs and the police have reached agreement that this year ALL the pubs and the Club will stop serving at 15:30 on Pram Race day.


Our aim is to encourage the crowd of spectators that remain after the race has finished, and the roads are opened, to disperse more quickly.

Your Pram Race Needs You!


We start planning the 2017 Pram Race in the next month or so. If you would like to be involved or have ideas and suggestions on how we can improve the event please contact the Committee on the email address below.


If you feel able to assist for a couple of hours on the day itself please also email us on

Take It Home

We know that when you get to the end of the Race and you're 'tired and emotional', it is tempting to abandon your pram for others to get rid of. Please don't.


The organisers and The Club do not have the resources to dispose of abandoned prams. Please take your pram home with you.


If your pram is large and requires a vehicle to get it home, please arrange to be picked up at the junction of Hatton Hill, Westwood Road and Kennel Lane. Vehicles can access this pick up point from the A30 at all times during the race.

2016's Special Focus

Last year we had a special project; to buy and install a public access defibrillator for the centre of the village with money raised by the Pram Race and a substantial contribution from the Surrey Border Lions Club. We are working with the Windlesham Society to locate the defibrillator in the centre of Windlesham village and we hope to install it in early 2019.