Windlesham Pram Race postponed until 2021

The definition of Covid hell is hundreds of runners with colourful prams jostling through large enthusiastic crowds standing very close to one another to get a good view, cash being collected in buckets and everyone pushing into pubs in a race to get to the finish. Sadly, as a result, Windlesham’s annual community charity event on Boxing Day has had to be postponed until 2021.

Please do not turn up and try and race, it will not be safe. The safety of Pram Racers and supporters alike is the primary concern of the race organisers. The roads will not be closed, there will be no facilities and many of the village pubs will be shut until later in the day. The government’s Covid restrictions will apply everywhere.

The Windlesham Pram Race has evolved and improved during its more than 50 year history and enjoys the support of many organisations and businesses. In 2021 we will be revisiting the organisation of the race again, focusing on the safety concerns of Windlesham residents and participants and compliant with the requirements of SHBC’s Safety Advisory Group, including Surrey Police.

Pram Race charity to focus on Covid RESTART funds


The Windlesham Pram Race charity raises funds for local charities and organisations. The trustees held back distribution of over half of the money raised on Boxing Day 2019 and will be offering a total of £5,000 of Covid RESTART funds to get local societies and voluntary organisations up and running again when restrictions are lifted in 2021. Local organisations requiring community support to RESTART when the Covid emergency finishes should contact