1/2/23 - the following is an excerpt taking from the Windlesham magazine, help support the magazine and buy a copy (available from the Post Office in Windlesham)


Restarting the Windlesham Pram Race


The Pram Race has been run on Boxing Day in varying formats for well over 50 years.


Our primary purpose in restarting the race after the Covid restrictions has been to raise money for charity and support deserving causes in the local community.


Many who took part in a survey prior to the event wanted the Pram Race format to continue but want it modified to address some of the behavioural issues that have been experienced in the past few years.


We have many lessons to learn and adjustments to make. That is especially the case with the format changes to produce a more family-oriented event.


We believe that supporting the village pubs and the Club is important; several of whom chose to open after the race was over.


Putting on an event of this type requires the support of a huge number of people and commercial organisations. We wish to thanks to our commercial sponsors and supporters:


  • Gordon Murray Group;
  • Newton Rowe;,
  • Frog Bikes;
  • The Wooldridge Group;
  • Shorts Group;
  • The Windlesham Club and
  • The Rashoi.


There can be no race without our excellent 28 volunteer marshals who also deserve special thanks.


We will be back next year. The Pram Race will continue to evolve and change.


If you share our commitment to raising money for charity and believe that you can work with us to improve the organisation of the Pram Race for 2023, please contact us.


Congratulations to all those who participated in this year's Pram Race.


Winners as follows:


Fastest - Sanderson Trophy – Crispy Boys (see picture to the left, bottom row)

Best Dressed - The Boys (see picture below)

Best Engineered – Team Martini

(see picture to the left, top row)

Also pictured are the recipients of the Frog Bikes prize for our younger participants

For more pictures from the event please have a look on our instagram page:

Gordon Murray Challenge Trophy

Yet another spectacular trophy created by the Gordon Murray Group, to win this you will need to be judged as the Best Engineered Trophy - well worth going for looking at this!


A reminder that there is still time to enter the Race and potentially get your hands on this and the other trophies. In any case by entering you help raise money for charities, or just be spectating and donating on the day you will also do this and keep the Pram Race gonig strong!


Alternatively follow the Just Giving Link and donate to help.

The Windlesham Pram Race - JustGiving



Drinks & Donations

Suttons and The Sun will be providing coffees and teas in the morning whilst the race is running. From The Sun:


We’re open at The Sun from 12pm. We will also be serving tea and hot chocolate along with burgers and hotdogs from the garden for people who are watching to aid with the cold weather.


How you can help The Windlesham Prace Race (The Pram Race charity can only help local good causes if we receive significant public donations, both before the race and on the day)

  • take part and race (follow the registration link on the Home page)
  • come on the day and spectate + donate
  • Donate via the Just Giving page (see on the right)

Road Closures


Click on the "2022 Route incl Road Closures" to see details of which roads are closed and when.


Donations on the day

Can be by cash into the usual buckets or by card to the marshals at the following locations:


  1. Start - ChertseyRd/Higham lane jct
  2. Outside The Cricketers
  3. The Sun
  4. Half Moon
  5. Finish - Field of Remembrance


Please sign up ASAP

Whilst we had made a promising start to sign ups last week unfortunately this is no longer the case and we are starting to fall short of making the required minimum number for the event  to run at all.


We have a number of fixed costs to meet and if we are short on sign ups we may have to call the event off.


Please help to save the future of The Pram Race. Racers can compete for trophies like this - The John Sanderson trophy for the Fastest Racer kindly donated by Conrad previously of The Half Moon

Finished Pram Race Trophy (look out for posts with the other trophies coming soon)!

The new Pram Race trophy is looking rather magnificent after the work kindly done by Gordon Murray Group (see below). For reference here is what it used to look like! PLEASE SIGN UP ASAP!!

Frog Bikes, the lightweight kids bikes, have kindly agreed to sponsor the Children’s Race.

Frog Bikes have donated a goodie bag for each of the members of the winning team. Included in this goodie bag is a discount voucher off a bike.

Frog Bikes were founded in 2013 and have created quality, lightweight & affordable kids' bikes. Frog's child-centred approach has earned them global accolade; industry awards for innovation and design, a UK award-winning factory, around 1,800 retailers worldwide and thriving partnerships.

Pram Race Trophy

Thanks to the Gordon Murray Group for kindly helping to rennovate the Pram Race Trophy.


Some photos of ‘Si Fly’ working on the Pram Trophy - we look forward to the finished work

Check back here regularly to find out the latest on the Pram Race!