For a while it was touch and go as to whether the 2013 Pram Race would go ahead but in the end it was another huge success. Well done to all the runners, spectators, marshals, publicans and the dozens of other people involved in making the event a success.


And well done to all the winners - 


Fastest - The John Sanderson Trophy
1st Prison Break - Jack Willis  - 30 mins 30 seconds
2nd The Fabulous Baxter Boys  - Simon Baxter - 32mins 50 secs
3rd Yankee Yompers - Jonathan Whelan - 39min
Best Dressed - The Pram Trophy
1st The Fortune Cookies - Mike Vandenberg
2nd 50 Years of Dr Who - Tim Brown
3rd The Blue Man Group - Oliver Holder
Best Engineered - The Andy D'Aguta Trophy
The Spitfire - Doug Smith
Highly Commended
A Pirates' Life for Me
Pram of Thrones
Mary Poppins & Her Chimney Sweeps
1st Bagshot Scouts
The Last Supper
Windlesham Twister Oi Oi!
British Bake Off
Alice In Wonderland

Want some of the dosh?

We have now received most of the applications for funds and have agreed their distribution  - see here.


However, we have still retained  a small amount for any late applications. If you would like to be considered for a grant from the Pram Race, please contact the Treasurer, David Pollen.

What it's all about

The whole purpose of the Pram Race is to raise money for charity (Charity Registration Number 1145317) and the Committee is delighted to have been able to distribute over £8,000 to a wide range of local good causes in 2013. We're hoping to be able to give out a similar amount in 2014 but the costs of running the event are going up. 


A full list of those who have benefited from donations in 2013 is listed on a separate page of the website. For those wishing to be considered for grant of funds from the recent event, please make sure that you apply to the Treasurer early in 2014 - details on the 'About Us' page.


Think you can contribute?

The Pram Race doesn't run itself, well not quite! As you'd expect after all this time we've got the organisation pretty much sorted. However, we are always making small changes to make the race run more safely, smoothly and with the minimum of disruption to the Village.


If you think you could contribute time, energy or ideas then the Committee would be very pleased to hear from you. We are always looking for local people willing to contribute to making the race a continued success.