Watching the pram race

The Race starts at 1030 am with racers arriving in the centre of the village shortly aftewards. There will be a constant stream of prams and runners for the next hour or two. If you want the best view try standing along Updown Hill, at one of the pubs or along the Chertsey Road.


Watching the Pram Race is great fun but it can be cold. Wrap up warm and get involved by cheering on the entrants. Bring along plenty of pennies (or pound coins!) so that you can give them to the teams as they race past and entertain you. All the money raised goes to very deserving charities and is greatly appreciated.


Don't forget your camera and if you are planning to drive, please observe the road closures and park considerately.

Road closures!

Roads through Windlesham that make up part of the route will be closed from 10:00am on the day of the event. Marshalls will be onhand to redirect traffic. Roads will reopen at 2:00pm the same day except for Kennel Lane whch will remain closed until 3:30pm.


Road closures can be viewed on the downloadable pdf of the route. The roads that form the route will remain closed and no access during the above times.


If you are local resident and must leave or enter the village, please consider planning your day to avoid race times. Perhaps leave your car on the outskirts of the village and walk or join the fun and travel later. If you absolutely must drive through the road closure, please ask the Secretary to send you a 'Residents' Pass' to show to the Marshals.