Things to know before entering

Consumption of Alcohol: 

Underage drinking is illegal and Publicans risk prosecution for serving those under the legal drinking age. All racers are required to wear a coloured wrist band denoting whether they are over 18 or not. Racers are required to carry identification and to be prepared to show this when challenged by race organisers, Police, publicans or security staff. To protect their licences publicans will apply the Challenge 25 rule ( and require anyone who looks under the age of 25 and who wishes to purchase alcohol to provide proof of age.


Organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to those at the Start they consider to have already consumed excessive amounts of alcohol. No refund of entry fees will be given. The organisers' decision is final and racers will not be allow to compete.


No alcohol is to be carried on, or incorporated into the design of the pram. Teams that arrive at the start with alcohol will be asked to surrender it by the security staff and it will be returned at the finish.


Only alcohol purchased at each of the specific licensed premises may be consumed on those premises and its grounds/car parks etc. Security staff will deny entry to racers carrying alcohol not purchased at that pub or club.


Licencing laws allow consumption of alcohol at the pubs only and not on the route. Police and security staff will enforce rules on underage drinking.


Entry Forms:

Each team must submit an entry and appropriate payment. All terms and conditions for entry are to be adhered to by each entrant. Sadly, failure to stick to the rules or behaviour that is dangerous or considered inappropriate endangers the Pram Race Event licence and the future running of the race. Please read the terms carefully and ensure that all your racers follow them carefully.


Entries must include the Team Name, names and emergency contact numbers for each racer and date of birth. This might seem like an excessive level of detail but it is a requirement of the Race's insurance and will be useful should there be an accident. Each team must have at least one runner over the age of 18.


When registering the team at the Start, the Team Captain will be required to sign to agree to abide by the race Terms and Conditions.


Closing Dates for Entry:

There are only two ways of entering the Race. They are as follows -
• On-line through the Eventbright entry system through this link before midnight on 22nd December.
• In cash on the day at the start from 9.30am.


Entry Fees:


Online entry costs are £8.50 for each adult (over 18 years) and £5.00 for each child (under 18 years). In addition, for each entrant a registration fee of 2.0% of the ticket cost + £0.65 will be added to the final payment.


Entry on the day costs £12.00 for each adult and £6.00 for each child. Payment on the day can be made in cash or by cheque made payable to Windlesham Pram Race.


Register early to save! It makes your signing on on the day easier too.



Organisers make every reasonable effort to ensure that the event is conducted in as safe a manner as possible. 'Prams' will be scrutineered at the Start to ensure they are safe and suitable to race. Prams considered dangerous to others will be asked to modify their entry before being allowed to start. The Organisers decision on what is considered safe and suitable is final. St John's Ambulance services will provide medical cover for the event.  If a problem occurs contact a Marshal or Police along the route.


Road Safety:

Roads which are used for this event, are closed during activity, but will be re-opened behind the last racer and at 14:00 at the latest.  Only the road outside The Club & Theatre will remain closed until 15:30. Racers returning home or to the centre of the Village after leaving the finish do so at their own risk and must be aware that the traffic will be flowing again.   If affected home owners do use their cars for access then they will be driving slowly and be using hazard lights.  Please let them get away as quickly as possible.


Inappropriate Behaviour:

The Pram Race is a family event and will be attended by many families with younger children. They add to the atmosphere and make a big contribution to the Charity. The organisers will refuse entry to any team whose outfits or pram are likely to cause offence to this group. The organisers will refuse entry to future events to those individuals whose behaviour during the race causes offence.



Racers are to make every effort to discard rubbish considerately, particularly cups and beer cans in the bins provided along the route. Furthermore, they must not discard their prams or costumes around the course or at the Finish.  Take your pram home with you and do not leave it to others to dispose of it. There will be no facilities for prams to be left at the end of the race at the Windlesham Club and Theatre. Please make arrangements to take your pram home and dispose of it safely. Here is a link to the local Waste and Recycling Centres



Entrants are liable for any personal injury or damage to property caused in the event of an incident. No claims from entrants will be entertained by the Race Organisers. It is a condition of entry that each entrant shall agree to indemnify the Organisers against any legal action arising from an incident during or after the race. Participation in the race will be deemed as acceptance of this condition.


Overall Conduct:

The future of the event depends on its safe conduct and the good behaviour of the racers towards the spectators and villagers. Teams are to bear this in mind throughout the event and take all possible precautions to avoid injury to themselves, spectators or others or damage to property, especially parked or passing motor vehicles. It only takes a single incident to jeopardise the Race's licence to take place.