How to enter

There are only two ways of entering, on-line using the link below or on the day. Entry on-line needs to be completed by MIDNIGHT, FRIDAY 23rd December. Entrants after this date will be considered as entering on the day which costs more!


Online entry

We use the Eventbrite system for registering on-line entries. To create a team the Team Captain must sign up to an Eventbrite account, then create a team with a team name. Then add the names of your team members. You will be required to pay for each team member. Once the team has been created other team members can log in and join the team. The Team Captain can manage the team's information right up to midnight on 23rd December when on-line entries close.


To get started just click the button below and follow the instructions.


Online entry costs are £8.00 for each adult (over 18 years) and £5.00 for each child (under 18 years). In addition, for each entrant a registration fee of 2.0% of the ticket cost + £0.65 will be added to the final payment. 

Entry on the day

Don't worry if you miss the on-line entry deadline, you can enter on the day. However, there are two downsides.


Firstly, your Team Captain will have to fill in an entry form on the morning of the race including the names, dates of birth, addresses and contact details for each of the runners in your team. This will take up time when you will want to look round the assembly area and catch up with friends so get there early.


Secondly, it will cost you more! Entry on the day costs £10.00 for each adult and £6.00 for each child plus a card processing fee.


So, please get yourself organised and leave plenty of time if entering on the day.